Sizing Machine

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Sizing Machine

Levent Cage unit
• Proportional governor controlled pneumatic brake system in PLC control
Automatic adjustment of yarn tension during all diameter changes of warp beams
• Easy and convenient loading and unloading with the supporting wheel system with bearing on a single body for each beam.

Chronic Warp Levent Bench
• Designed for the sizing of your conical warp beams.
• Proportional governor controlled pneumatic brake is used in PLC control.
• Automatic thread tension control sensitive to diameter change.

Drying Unit
• Teflon coated and stainless steel drying cylinders
• Independent automatic job control in each section with electronic and regional temperature control
• Tension control for drying zone inlet and outlet
• Automatic steam discharge system
• Complete stainless steel hood
• Perfect suction system with radiant fan assembly

Operator Panel
• Touchscreen, color graphic display
• 500 name recipe memory
• Central control of the whole process

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