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KARTALOĞLU MAKİNA started its activities in 2010 by its founder ÖZKAN KARTALOĞLU. Founder ÖZKAN KARTALOĞLU together with the late Mehmet Sait Küçüker within the body of Küçüker Makina for many years left a considerable mark on the market. In the light of its vast experience and understanding of quality, it has managed to come a long way in a short time.

Kartaloğlu Makina manufactures machinery in many textile and other fields such as quality control machine, serial warping machine, beam sizing creel, meter folding, conical warp.

KARTALOĞLU MAKİNA, which attaches importance to institutionalization in this short time, is proud to serve our valued customers with its dynamic, young and high quality engineer staff.

  • Kartaloğlu Machine
  • Quality control machine
  • Folding Meter
  • Rotary type beam stock machine
  • Synthetic and sack yarn warping machine
  • Serial warping machine
  • Warp beam combining machine
  • Rack type beam stock machine
  • Levent transfer table
  • Levent lift table
  • Levent stock stand
  • Double layer drum and Rolling machine
  • Towel length cutting machine
  • Rope opening machine
  • Rope Drying Unit
  • Party preparation machine
  • Front winding quality control machine
  • Acerdeon
  • spiral rollers
  • Squeezing scarf
  • Belt quality control machine
  • Double function quality control machine
  • Levent lifting machine
  • Garment marker machine
  • Cylinder (Baraban) dryer
  • Conical warping machine
  • Conical discharge unit
  • Creel Systems
  • Fully automatic rope winding machine
  • Thread Break Unit
  • Wagon lift screw knitwear
  • Fully automatic cultural processing cart
  • Cordless trailer tow
  • Cordless dock transport
  • Packaging unit
  • Harvest car
  • Trailer
  • Mobile elevator
  • Product hanger wire and rope
  • Levent Sizing Age
  • Sizing Table
  • Sizing boat
  • Sizing settling tank
  • Sizing Table
  • Sizing front head
  • Sizing tank