Serial Warping Machine

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Serial Warping Machine

Akerdeon Comb System
• Comb opening and closing and right-left movements
• Shancır (distance adjusted transverse comb) system
• Prevention of fiber and dust accumulation on the cards with air blowing system
• Possibility of lubricating the yarn at the desired rate with the waxing unit located after the comb

Levent printing system and rope tension system
• Possibility of using printing drum or rope tension system according to the purpose of use
• Homogeneous yarn winding frequency with smooth and precise printing drum
• Circular speed adjustment according to increasing diameter thanks to electronic diameter measurement system

Levent Loading - Unloading and Brake System
• Easy and convenient loading and unloading with pneumatic pistons and arms connected to them
• Disc brake system with caliper in total 4 different points and also pneumatic brake system on the rope tension system in front of the creel
• Normal stop - emergency stop - yarn break - emergency stop in cases such as the completion of the desired rnetrage

Creel System
• Special production according to the requested bobbin quantity and production of rotary creel either with trolley or if desired.
• Optional blood pressure apparatus possibility
• Transferring to the beam winding unit without damaging the yarn with the porcelains used for the yarn breaking system
Red warning light for easy detection of the broken thread
• Prevention of dust accumulation thanks to the air blowing system over the tension

PLC Operator Panel
• PLC controlled electrical equipment systems
• Touch screen panel where all systems can be controlled